Monday, August 22, 2011

New Home in Progess!

These are the before and after pics of the living room and kitchen!! the only thing we have gotten done so far to make it livable alot left to do!! its a work in progress:)


Christine said...

Those are some seriously interesting paint colors they had going on! I like yours MUCH better. Where is your new place? I miss you!

Steffler Family said...

I know right!!! That paint and kitchen was not working for me. Good thing I have a talented husband:) I miss your sweet spirit and your smiling face:) we are not far I live behind home depot and the karcher mall along cassia st. im sure u drive by all the time its a brick home on 1/2 acre. its tiny but alot of room outside for kiddos. we are still in the process of remoldeling so its getting there. you should stop by sometime!!